Ikon is a service company focusing on the transportation of persons and management of fleets of chauffeur-driven vehicles directly integrated into hotel chains or luxury establishments.

Based on specific financial studies, Ikon places its expertise at the service of its clients to find the most pertinent solutions for implementing top-notch tailor made limousine services that meet, case by case, the most demanding and refined standards in the modern hotel industry. The concept presented is totally innovative given that, for many years, virtually all luxury hotels at European level have called upon subcontractors to handle limousine transport for their guests and clients.

However, over the past few years, large hotel chains specializing in luxury services have set up standardized procedures to meet the international standard to welcome their clients. Thus, it is important that hotels affiliated to the Leading Hotels of the World network undergo regular checks to observe these protocols, especially with limousine services. They consist of the 31 points contained in Leading Quality Assurance that are carefully observed by Ikon teams.

In addition to international standards, hotel chains such as the Oetker Collection aspire to propose personalized hospitality services reinforcing the notion of top-quality services in the region where the luxury hotel is located. On the Côte d’Azur, for example, the General Management of the group’s two large establishments want chauffeurs to offer chilled towels to hotel guests as soon as they arrive at the airport, while greeting them/welcoming them. The main difficulty confronting limousine companies is that, being obliged to provide services for many different clients with a single fleet of vehicles, it is very hard for them to be able to respond in a detailed manner to the demands made by luxury hotels, especially with personnels who are mostly employed on a temporary basis contract, therefore they are not trained on the specific procedures required by each establishment. Furthermore, the fact that the same team of dispatchers or chauffeurs work concurrently for several luxury hotels makes it extremely difficult to train them in the very detailed procedures that are exclusively dedicated to one particular hotel.